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In which Sushi talks about classes and... mostly classes. There will be math.

Since I write about my life oh so much these days, I figured I'd list some things that have been going on, both recently and not-so-recently. This would be that 'list things that are going on in your life', except I may or may not do exactly ten things. We'll see.

1) I'm loving my schedule for this semester, even though it is sucking the soul out of me. Which reminds me, I never actually did the inaugural beginning of the semester post-your-schedule post, did I? Well, here it is.

French 241: Early French Literature to 1800(ish) -- Tuesday/Thursday 11:00-12:15
This is my easy class for the semester. Easy professor, lighter readings than what I've grown used to. Mme Knowlton was right when she said I'd be bored in there, but I do need it to finish the French major, and having an easy class is always nice. I did learn how to say I had a hangover in this class, though, not that I'll need it or anything.

French 345: French Literature and Genre --Tuesday/Thursday 2:00-3:15
The topic is Detective Fiction and Film Noir, so we're talking early to mid 20th century here. I actually have to pay attention in this class. Mme House is serious business. She's definitely not mean, but she rarely strays to English except to explain something administrative about the class, and even then she does that in French sometimes. I actually have a paper in that class due in there on Wednesday on one of five topics of my choice, and I still have no idea what I'm going to write about. Considering the paper's three to four pages and it's due Wednesday, I should probably decide and get started.

Math 480: Senior Seminar -- Wednesday 3:30-4:45 (in theory)
I say 'in theory' because we usually go to five, despite what the schedule says. No one really objects--out loud, anyway, although a few people do slip out around 4:55. We just solve problems and talk about them as we go along. They come from everywhere, really. Some are logic puzzles, some are from probability (we had the Monty Hall problem, as an example of a well-known problem), some are from geometry,...the possibilities are almost endless, especially since we have all sorts of backgrounds. A random fact: Did you know there are only four math majors in my year? Yeah, not kidding. Okay, so there are some math/physics and math/econ majors (it's a half-and-half major of sorts, and we have one of each in this senior seminar), but only four regular math majors. Two are just math, one is actually doing a math major and an economics major, and me--the crazy one. :P

Math 410: More Algebra and Math 490: Even More Algebra -- Monday 11:00-11:50 (again, in theory)
I AM ALWAYS DOING ALGEBRA. ALGEBRA LIVES IN MY BRAIN. IT IS THE BRAIN TRAP. Ahem. I put these together for a good reason, besides the fact that they're both algebra. For those who don't get ASC's course numberings (most of you), a 410 course is a course where you pick a topic and study it. I chose more algebra because I like it and because I've already taken every math class here except complex variables, which isn't offered until the spring (which I will be taking, even if it does bump me up to 20 hours, because by Godel, it sounds cool). Apparently my choosing automorphisms and semidirect products for my abstract algebra talk last fall worked out well because Dr. Koch suddenly remembered that I knew that stuff and said, "Okay, you know it, we can skip the direct/semidirect product chapter." But there was a lot more to automorphisms than I thought. I did pull a clever Sylow-related proof using them, though. :D

Right now I'm doing modules (and this weekend I'm doing tensor products) in my 410, which are interesting except there are so many definitions to keep track of. R-bilinear. R-balanced. (R,S)-bimodule. And just about the entire section relies on one theorem that's proven pretty early on. Luckily I get the gist of the theorem, just not how it's proven, but I can ask about that on Monday. I just love the curly phi map in the proof, which is incidentally the part I'm confused about.

The 490 is an independent study, which is exactly what it sounds like. A research project with a huge paper at the end. Mine's a yearlong independent study, so the big paper's due at the end of spring semester. You know you're diving in headfirst when Wikipedia doesn't have an article on your topic. Yeah. I found this out when Dr. Koch and I were talking about the topic last spring, and I wanted to find out what it was all about. I'm looking at normal regular subgroups under given group actions. So Wikipedia doesn't have an article on *that*, but Wiki doesn't have an article on a regular subgroup. Just saying.

I'm having a lot of fun with this, though, with the joys and the frustrations and ups and downs of the affair, with filling up the boards of the math center and random other classrooms while I'm supporting the green movement on campus by not using paper yet wasting chalk. Now if I only I can figure out how to count these subgroups. There has to be an easy way.

2) FINALLY NUMBER TWO. Fall break is next week. I'm leaving Wednesday after senior seminar to see Andrew for the break. Mum tried to talk me into coming home for the break, and when I told her I wasn't, she said she and Dad could come down to eat with me or something. (Clearly this was before everyone went OH NOES WHERE'S MY GAS? I think I talked them out of it, anyway.) My bank statement came in at the end of the quarter (I would move to online bank statements, but when I read the terms of service--yes, I actually read those things--there wasn't a word about it working on Firefox. Forget that, then.), and Mum opened it. Strangely enough, she didn't ask me about the two rather large withdrawals that consisted of buying plane tickets, yet she asked me about the, um, source. Come on, if you're going to read my mail, do it properly.

I actually called home today because today was Dad's birthday but also meaning to tell her that I was in fact not going to be at Agnes during fall break because I figure being 900 miles from home warrants telling at least one family member. Mum wasn't there, though, so I kept my mouth shut. Funny story, though: Jeffrey answered the phone when I called (he was home for the weekend), and I asked for Dad in a really fake and hilarious voice. Jeffrey handed the phone to dad and said, "I don't know who it is." It was all I could do to keep from laughing, and when I got Jeffrey on the phone, I asked for him in the same fake voice. This is only hilarious because we have caller ID.

3) You know, I could have made these things about seven things. Unfortunately my brain doesn't work like that. Ah well. I did that in high school when we had to make note cards for our papers--I'd put about five things that went together on one card, and when we had to turn in about 100 note cards, I'd be screwed because I had only 30, but I definitely had the material for about 150. So I redid all the note cards at the last minute just to make it look like I did the work, and to appease the teacher. I have not used note cards that seriously since.

You know what? This is long enough.

Also, I finally uploaded Black Cat pictures to my Flickr gallery, in which Alston and the quad get trashed. There are a few randoms that got uploaded there, too.

Three more weeks until NaNoWriMo!
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