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This reminds me why I avoid Facebook.

Need Drinking Money?
Like to write? [website] can help you turn your research papers and other writing into a way to support your pricey social habits.

Well, they certainly know how to target the college demographic.

Le Clézio Prix Nobel 2008
Achetez son plus récent livre
! Directement de Gallimard !

Nice use of exclamation marks. Actually, I might be half-interested if you didn't disguise yourself as a Facebook ad.

America's Next Top Writer
Thank goodness this contest is about brains. Join [site] and start writing. Make the cut. Get published.

All about brains, and it's named after a reality TV show? Riiight.

Are you a poet?
Do you write poetry at night?
Let it see the light of day.
Don't wait another day.
Write now.

Wait, this is supposed to be a poem? I don't get it.

View Math Class Rosters
Connect with other Math majors through this free app from [website]. Click to share your class schedule and see friends' courses!

Yeah, because so many of my friends are math majors at a liberal arts school. Got it.

Love adventure stories?
If you love Adventure, you'll love [book]. It's this summer's best read. Oops and did I mention romance (well just a little)?

Isn't summer over? We're well into fall.

Nurse Staffing
Are you an experienced nurse seeking better pay or a flexible schedule in the Athens/Gwinnett areas?


And that's all for tonight.

Go fill out my poll a few posts bad for your very own Mad Lib! Go go go!
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