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There, Nell, I did it.

Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter in your LJ, including an explanation what the word means to you and why, and then pass out letters to those who want to play along.

Nell gave me Q. Grah.

1) QS - QS is still dealing with me after, what, four years? Nell, too, since she's QS's best friend. Plus, she keeps coming back every year for Nano even after not finishing before, and she enlightens all of us with her randomness. That makes her awesome.

2) Quirkyalone - A lifestyle and an amazing book by Sasha Cagen, quirkyalone describes my lifestyle in one word. When I read the book, I thought, "This is me!", squeeing all the while.

3) Questions - I ask these all the time as my way of getting to know the world, the people, objects, and ideas contained within, and myself better. Sometimes these questions can be annoying. However, I've been doing this for as long as I can remember, and I intend to continue to do so.

4) Quiet - I love quiet. Especially when I'm working or reading or writing or thinking or sleeping or... Well, I just love quiet. Ruckus is not my friend. I can also be quiet sometimes, but it's because I'm thought processing or working on something else or--this rarely happens, so don't worry--just don't care.

5) Quantify - I heard this word so many times last fall from Dr. Lewin because in the beginning I would forget to specify for what x a given statement holds. Now I remember to quantify because there's nothing like seeing "Quantify!" in green ink to scar your brain and to make you remember.

6) Quitter - Something I like to think that I'm not. If I want something, I'll do anything in my power to get it. Even if I don't get it, at least I know I did everything I could to get it.

I have not used the dictionary yet. I'm proud of myself. To be fair, it's open, but to H--all the "hand" words, to be specific. Just to let you know, "hand job" is in there.

7) Quake - I don't live in a major earthquake area. In fact, the rare earthquake usually comes when I'm asleep, and I sleep right through it, only to hear about it the next morning and think, "But I didn't get to experience it!" After all, what if I need it for my writing? Speaking of writing...

8) Quick novel-writing - This should read "frantic novel-writing", but Nell gave me Q. Ah well. This is what I do every November, and how I made so many friends, so many "enemies" [competitors, not real enemies, mind], and four completed novels so far. Quick novel-writing means that you're going to be writing crap, but it's beautiful crap, especially after you reread it later. Some parts really are that bad, but some make for wonderful prose.

9) Quarter - Four quarters make a dollar, and I am the stereotypically broke college student. Ergo, quarters are good. Also, a quarter is a fourth, and wow! Four quarts make a gallon. I just realized that. I guess we do learn something [or realize something that has been sitting in front of our faces for years] every day.

10) Quiz - I used to despise quizzes, even to the point of calling them "q-words" in order to avoid saying the words. This was because they were shorter than actual tests, and I would inevitably mess up on one problem, thus messing up my chances of doing well. Well, I still mess up on one or two problems, but I call them quizzes now.

Glad that's finished. I even did it without a dictionary! Go me.
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