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So I haven't updated in awhile.

Andrew and I have been better. I know we have some seriousness issues to work out, but things are working out a lot better now. It's always when I have PMS, isn't it? (Or so he says.)

It'll be okay.

Realizing that I did almost nothing except go to class, work, and do more schoolwork, I went to the Decatur Public Library this afternoon to write. In all my time at Agnes, I had never been to that library, which is sad considering it's just down the road. It's a lot bigger than it looks from the outside. I was surprised to see stairs as I entered the first floor. I went up to the second floor and began to write, and later to the third floor.

The language section is right next to the math books, thanks to the joys of Dewey Decimal. Mmm. This could be dangerous.

That's all, really. This is evidence that everyday living is not conducive to writing.

Also, 195 icons? Sweet! I have 134 uploaded now. *goes through icon folder for suitable icons to upload*
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