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Finals have begun.

To do before Tuesday:

* French 345 paper. It's seven pages, and I haven't started yet. I should get on that.

...And that's it. Yes, really. Oh, there are some odd things that I have to do, but I took my early French lit final this afternoon after rushing to finish the assigned Rousseau readings and wrote a little less than I should have. This final could be the last self-scheduled exam I take in college unless someone pulls something crazy on me next semester. Woot!

Speaking of being finished with that class, I have nothing to do for math during the exam period. This means that I am officially finished with my math major! Woot!

(And we'll ignore the fact that with the exception of the senior seminar, I was finished a long time ago. Now someone explain to me why I'm still taking math classes next semester, even if it'll bump me up to 20 hours and a PE. Yes, I'm perfectly aware of what this could do to me. Don't remind me. Or do.)

The math senior seminar dinner was last night. It went well, despite my being the extra person like always. That tends to happen in social situations. At least it wasn't a disaster, even if it doesn't make me overly happy to think about for some reason. Not because it wasn't a good time, but because hardly anyone addressed me directly. I certainly tried to get involved in conversations, but I was on the fringes of those that were already going on, and eventually they faded so my entering into the conversation would be a stretch because I'd have to talk especially loudly.

For the first time, I felt some sort of disconnect from the math department. Maybe it's because I'm taking only one math class and finishing my independent study next semester (but still working in the math center), or maybe it's because I'm having to pass down the Infinity Club thanks to new student organization policies, or maybe it's because I've been immersing myself in so much French this year. Or maybe it's because I'm graduating in May and I have to do something besides let the math department own my soul.

I don't know. Either way, it's a little unsettling.

I've also been having mood swings over the past few days. Dr. Lewin hinted at this when I raided the math department cabinet for games for Math After The Hours on Monday. I had sent an email to the math professors the night before, reminding them to pimp the event to their students. When I showed up in the math lobby that afternoon, I had just returned from buying prizes for the trivia and cracker-eating contests I had planned for Math After The Hours, and I was raiding the cabinets, talking a mile a minute to Lily when Dr. Lewin showed up and commented that I sounded like I was in a really good mood today because the email I had sent last night sounded really depressing. Well, I wasn't in a great mood the night before, and I wasn't completely sure why--I figured it was because I had been cooped up for too long. Either way, I was in a great mood that day, and I was blabbing away as I opened the boxes and practically tore the cabinet apart. (Yes, the professors are used to me doing this. But that's another story altogether.)

Also, I've been listening to this song far too much lately.


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Dec. 12th, 2008 12:06 pm (UTC)
Be careful about taking on too much next semester. This is the Voice of Experience (History and Poly Sci double major, theater minor, if they'd have given it to me).

You will need more time than you expect for job hunting activities. You will need time for resume revisions, and job fairs, and interviews and the like.

Also, once you start The Real World, you will never again have the chance to just... not do something with a whole day. Or at least, very rarely.

I cannot urge you enough to reconsider overloading your last semester.

But if you do, I did, and it didn't kill me. It just made for a miserable semester.
Dec. 15th, 2008 11:20 pm (UTC)
I'm trying, but the only thing I can get away with *not* taking is complex variables, and... I really want to take that. I have to have my French senior seminar, I have to have one more French class for the major, I need a fine arts, I need a PE, and I have to finish my independent study.

It looks like I'll be crunching for a lot of time. And not sleeping.
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