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I think this says it all.

(9:19:25 PM) ecrivain42: So I was checking what kind of wireless card I had.
(9:19:49 PM) ecrivain42: And the window to check that came over your IM window, and I was typing something and hit space before I noticed that the wireless card window had come up.
(9:19:57 PM) ecrivain42: This effectively disabled the wireless card.
(9:20:11 PM) ecrivain42: This also, of course, disconnected me from the Internet.
(9:20:24 PM) ecrivain42: But then I couldn't get back to that wireless card window as it had frozen.
(9:20:43 PM) ecrivain42: So I tried everything I could think of, finally ctrl-alt-deleting and ending that task.
(9:20:51 PM) ecrivain42: This didn't work, but finally another window popped up.
(9:21:30 PM) ecrivain42: "You have chosen to end Windows Explorer. Send error report y/n?" I said n and moved on, trying to connect again, but the wireless card wouldn't enable again.
(9:21:42 PM) ecrivain42: I tried again. Connection failed! Tried again. Connection failed!
(9:21:55 PM) ecrivain42: Finally I restarted and decided to get some food in the meantime, then came back.
(9:22:14 PM) ecrivain42: Oh, and why did I need to know what wireless card I had?
(9:22:23 PM) ecrivain42: I was looking up Linux distros.
(9:22:40 PM) ecrivain42: The end. *curtsies*
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