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2008 is almost over.

First, did you miss all the popular music this year? Go educate yourself in a mere 4 minutes and 38 seconds with the top 25 Billboard 'hits'. (For the record, I recognize only one of those songs. Take a guess.)

There will be a fancy list of resolutions and a summary of 2008 later. However, I just thought of a goal for 2009. Look at my memes tag. There's only one entry in that tag for 2008.

I can do better than that. Where by better, I mean not post a single meme. To be fair, this meme actually produced some real content and is more interview than meme, but as it was going all over LJ at the time, I counted it as a meme.

See, I have been resisting your tagging me for that very reason, friends list. Take that.

Meme-free in 2009. Who's with me?

(What an appropriate icon choice, too.)
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