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I have not updated yet in 2009.

Let's change that.

I have done a lot of cleaning so far this year and made the oh-so-revealing discovery that I've taken a lot of math classes in college. All my math notes are lined up neatly on a shelf. Yes, they take up an entire shelf. Let's not get started on the books.

This is where we all say, "No shit, sherlock."

Grades are in.

Math senior seminar: A
French lit to 1800ish: A
French lit and genre: A-
More Algebra (the special study): B
Even More Algebra (the research project): S

S? Enlighten me. If no one does so, I'm going to assume it means Satisfactory, which will be code for "Registrar, put her down for the second half of the course or I'll have to put on my ass-kicking boots."

There's a reason the math department's on the third floor, after all.

I've mourned the B in my special study, but I'm pleasantly surprised at the A-, especially considering I didn't do too well on the papers during the semester. Huh. Guess that three-day paper was decent after all.

Fun fact: I will have journaled for exactly half my life on Saturday, 8 May 2010. That'll make 4261 days of paper journals. Wow.

All my high school notes and most of the college notes I don't want anymore (read: almost everything except the math) are now in a recyclable form. Hooray! I have more shelf space than I thought. This will not end well for my wallet.

Speaking of math, this article was interesting. Math certainly provokes emotion in me. We are not robots.
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