Sushi (sushimustwrite) wrote,

More mathverse scribblings

Thanks to the wonderful world of cleaning, I found a couple of more mathy scribblings, mostly about the mathverse.

There are doodlings of Differential Dog, Quotient Kitty, Matrix Mouse, and Complex Cheese. Below these doodles are drawings of Integra and Deritivo, with "Hi! I'm Integra!" and "Hi! I'm Deritivo!" written below their respective doodles. Then we have this little bit:

"We probably have a bunch of siblings we don't know about, thanks to Dad's being the ladies' man back in the day. He really pushed it to the limit."

Oh, and who's their daddy? King Limit, Ruler of Calculia, a subset of Terra Mathematica. There's a doodle of King Limit (complete with crown) and his spiel.

King Limit: But I rule all of Calculia! What are you talking about? All the ladies loved me when we were young! And I was a decent dad, considering I raised Deritivo and Integra alone. I wouldn't let them go into Multivariola (wtf--this sounds like a spaghetti brand) until they earned their variables!

Then one day King Limit has an identity crisis. Who am I? Why am I here? Why am I ruling some land where people just assume I'm around and when I travel to Analyse they insist on embellishing my existence with epsilons and deltas?

[What King Limit doesn't know, of course, is that these epsilons and deltas are needed in order to cure his identity crisis. It's his chance to seek out something more than being the pimp and just existing as the king. Maybe someone on Analyse will be his life coach or something. Either way, I know I wrote that before I took analysis.]

Then on another sheet, I branch out into set theory.

Here's the story
of an axiom named Choice1
Whose correctness can't be proven either way
Due to this fact, Choice was
A lonely axiom
And he was all alone.

Here's the story
of a theory named Set
Thanks to Zermelo and Fraenkel he exists
They created axioms
And started building
But choice was still alone

[There was supposed to be more to it, but I never finished writing it. It was probably going to be something about ZFC set theory, Godel, Cohen, and the adoption. But now I'm just name-dropping. Another fun fact! This was written on the back of a note card. The front of said card contained the first part of my French civ presentation, which was spring of my first year at Agnes. Wow, that's old.]

1This still makes my brain explode if I think about it at the wrong time, and I first heard about it three years ago.

Oh, sorry, were you looking for the band Axiom of Choice?
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