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Days two and three of classes

We left our valiant heroine on Tuesday night, where she was writing an entry in her LiveJournal. Let's see what she is now.

Bleeeeech. Worst voiceover ever. Okay, back to the back-to-school story.

I went to Calc I bright and early Wednesday morning so I could introduce myself to the class and remind them that yes, there is a math center open for their use and no, they don't have to fumble around in the dark and bang their heads against the wall in despair.

I stayed around for the MLK convocation and started a student table at the reception, at which I ate half a lunch with the strata that was served. The other half of the lunch was consumed at lunch proper before complex variables.

There are five of us in complex: Rose, Cicy, Yaya, Julia, and me, forming a sandwich in how many of us are in each year. I'm the only senior in the class, as the other senior majors decided to do other things with their schedule and I'm masochistic enough to take even more classes. Thanks to the wonders of math department scheduling, this is the first time I've had a math class with any of the others in the class, so it was about time.

We started talking about why on earth anyone would care about complex numbers, and this led to a discussion on negative numbers and what a negative apple would mean. I had a banana with me, so I drew a frown on it and showed it to everyone. Dr. Wiseman looked at it and said, "That's more like a negative banana, but okay."

Then there was nonfiction, in which I get to figure out how on earth I'm going to make a writing notebook work, especially when it's going to be graded. Not because I don't keep a notebook in the first place, but because I keep EVERYTHING in Dr. Nbook and would feel naked without it during the grading period if I were to use it as the writing notebook as well. I explained my situation to the professor after class, and she said to just find something that worked for me.

Yoga came later that afternoon. I'm going to like that class a lot; Lara's a lot of fun, and the enthusiasm is contagious. I knew I saved that class for the last semester for a reason.

Now, today! Thanks to the wonders of classes that meet only once a week, I had only French today. We got through four lines of "Correspondances" (there are French and English versions at the link). Yes, four lines out of fourteen. Hey, at least we won't spend nine months on it like one of Mme K's grad school professors did.

I spent over an hour at lunch talking with Beth, a Woodruff scholar who I think I met once or twice before but failed to make the name/face connection. This happens often, though I'm often unaware of it. It was an enlightening conversation, too, about life at Agnesland, interactions among people, educating women, the world around us, and everything, really.

It's good that I have these chunks of time toward the end of the week so things like this can happen.

Then I sent a few emails, reserved a classroom for Audrey's Infinity Club talk on Wednesday (she's practicing her talk for job interviews), and did other sundries before a Tower Council meeting and dinner, which was a very loud two-hour affair with Becca, Burger, and Julia. Stories of bad writing, embarrassing moments, incidents that could be construed as sexual innuendo turned into a dinner with much laughter and awwing, and plans to study together afterward. Okay, so Julia went back to her apartment, but the rest of us hit the books in the common area of my dorm. I even got work done. This is always good.
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