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But bullets are violent.

I haven't updated in awhile. A list, for my own convenience as well as the Internet's:

What Sushi has done in the last 1.5 weeks
* Visited the Jim Henson exhibit at the Atlanta History Center with Emily and Sandra, where I used the free pass I won at the Decatur Book Festival. We also got a tour of the Swan House.
* Went rock climbing for the first time. Allow me to clarify: I'm not afraid of heights as long as I can feel solidness below my feet.
* Went to Lenox with Becca
* Taught Becca how to knit
* Started yoga. It's going to feel so good. Today I discovered that I can hold myself up with one hand and one foot.
* Turned in my first complex assignment. On one proof, I just wrote "C is a field". Then I realized that this was complex and not algebra and figured I should give a proof, even though it would be the same proof I would have given in the algebra day anyway. Dr. Wiseman liked my smart-aleckness, though.
* Discovered that Dr. Koch replaced the vending machine problem in linear algebra with making food because the vending machine in Buttrick had been taken away. What a sad day this was for me.
* Went to Audrey's talk on Lie algebras. I mentioned that Andrew got me a book on Lie algebras as part of my birthday present, and the following conversation ensued:
Dr. Koch: Don't you know? First anniversary is paper, second is Lie algebras.
Me: I guess he's jumping the gun, then.
Funnily enough, the paper came for the six-month. I should have asked what was for the third anniversary.

The semester is already nutty, but I haven't cracked yet. This is a good sign.


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(Deleted comment)
Jan. 29th, 2009 01:38 am (UTC)
According to Google images, no, but I don't remember the name of it now. I just said, "Whoa, I didn't know my overly inflexible body could do that" and immediately forgot how it happened in the first place.
Jan. 29th, 2009 12:38 pm (UTC)
Dr. Koch for the win with that comment.

How was the exhibit? I kind of want to go but can't seem to get up the energy to haul myself down there.

I'm glad to know you're doing well!
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