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Goals and Futures

Goal on senior seminar paper: Get to the end of page two before going to bed tonight. There, now that I've said it, I'm held accountable. Take that!

I didn't get into TFA. This means that I actually have to put more thought into what to do after graduation. Doing so would be a lot easier if I had some idea of what to do. Of course, this would be somewhat easier if I were actually a decent candidate. You know, if I were a company I wouldn't want to hire me either. I look okay as a mathy candidate and okay as a writing/language candidate, but when you put the two together I just look like someone who dabbles in everything and doesn't do squat.

The problem isn't that I'm not interested in anything; the problem is that I have so many interests and am rather geographically flexible, so I don't know where to start. My only caveat is that having a car isn't vital to getting around, as I don't have one nor can I drive one. Oh, and there's leaving the South. That still leaves a lot of world, though.

I actually let and Google Maps choose my fate. They told me I should live in the middle of the De Soto National Forest in Mississippi. It looks to be about half an hour to an hour out of Hattiesburg. Park ranger, anyone?

So what should I do with my life, Internet?
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