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A+, would use again.

I love LeechBlock. Thanks to it I actually wrote two pages of my senior seminar paper instead of dicking around on the Internet because I *couldn't* get on the Internet through Firefox. Seriously, I told LeechBlock to block everything (or close enough to everything I would think of accessing) and went into lockdown mode. Sure, I was still logged into Pidgin, and I was still on the Internet, so I could still stream music through

Okay, so I still could have gotten on through Opera if I really wanted to, or broken the lockdown (my password is ridiculously long).

I'm definitely putting LeechBlock on my desktop when I get back to Agnes.

So if you have Firefox and are trying to be more productive, LeechBlock is an A+ add-on to install. And if you don't use Firefox, then why aren't you? Well, I guess I'll forgive you if you don't use Internet Explorer. It's like this e-card. I just can't picture myself sleeping with an Internet Explorer user. That big e is just too awkward.
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