Sushi (sushimustwrite) wrote,

Things I am bad at: saying no to things that sound like fun

I got an email yesterday from Mme House, one of my French professors last semester, asking if I'd like to present at SpARC. Based on the greeting and the fact that my name wasn't in the To: or the cc: field, I can conclude that she used the bcc: option and sent it to multiple people.

However, I'm already presenting my independent study at SpARC, and I still need to write the abstract for that so Dr. Koch can give me feedback on it before I submit. (Especially since the "No late submissions" line was actually his from when he was in charge of SpARC.) On the other hand, I've thought about presenting something for French as well, and whether it was my senior seminar paper or something different is something I hadn't decided yet.

On the other other hand, Script Frenzy is in April, and I've intentionally scheduled other things in my life so they're happening in March (i.e. now) and not in April. So I don't know. I may go talk to her for ideas, but whether I present for the French department or not, I'd feel guilty.

On the other^3 hand, if I do present for the French department, I will have presented at SpARC for three different departments during my time at Agnes. This will be cool. Part of me wants to present for that reason alone.
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