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101 in 1001: Progress

Remember my 101 things in 1001 days list that I started on my birthday last year? Well, I looked at it again tonight, knowing that I could cross a few things off. Here are the now-crossed off items, including my commentary on the items but not including the strikethroughs on the actual list.

013. Donate or give away my old children's books. COMPLETED 8 May 2008. Exchanged the vast majority to McKay's for store credit.
015. Keep purse clean for six months (6/6) COMPLETED December 2008
017. Recycle notes from high school classes. COMPLETED March 2009. (NEW!)
018. Buy a planner and use it! Write appointments, classes, work schedule, and other commitments in there so I can tell spare time at a glance for at least six months (6/6) IN PROGRESS: Planner bought mid-August 2008. COMPLETED March 2009. I'm still keeping the planner too. (NEW!)
034. Spend an entire day wandering around the city with no destination. COMPLETED 25 May 2008.
042. Go on a blind date. COMPLETED 1 March 2008. I figure meeting your Internet lover counts. (Funny that one happens to be 042.)
047. Go one day without using the Internet on three different occasions (3/3) COMPLETED 12-14 May 2008
048. Back up my LJ at least thrice during the 1001 days (3/3). COMPLETED January 2009. Go LJArchive.
061. Learn to knit and have something usable to show for it. COMPLETED 18 June 2008. I made an iSock.
071. Try geocaching. COMPLETED 31 August 2008
075. Climb a tree. COMPLETED 18 April 2008.
082. Go vegetarian for seven consecutive days (7/7) COMPLETED 23-29 February 2008!
084. Go to bed when I'm tired instead of running on empty for at least ten nights (10/10) COMPLETED November 2008!
092. Play a real prank on someone. April Fools 2009, baby!
096. Get a new watch! (Or at least replace the wristband on the current one; it's beyond wearable.) COMPLETED 10 May 2008: I bought a new watch!
097. Make an informed decision and vote in the 2008 US presidential election. COMPLETED October 2008! I voted on an absentee ballot.

That makes 16 goals if I counted correctly. Now for some I know I can cross off in the near future, assuming nothing catastrophic happens. (defining 'near' to be 21 May 2009, which is the 500-day mark).

021. Keep class notes organized in their respective folders instead of just in any folder I can find. Do this each semester at ASC (2/3). If I go to grad school, continue and measure per semester (0/3).
[I'm not going to grad school right away, so I'm crossing this one off after graduation.]
036. Present math research at a conference. IN PROGRESS: Abstract accepted at SpARC.
080. Learn yoga. Progress: Registered to take yoga spring 2009.
[I suppose I could cross this one off now, but I want that sense of completion first.]

And now, the things I hope I can cross off before the halfway mark minus half a day. I say hope because of...well, you'll see.

022. Figure out what I want with my future and pursue it. IN PROGRESS
023. Graduate from college with at least a 3.6 GPA.
[This one's not under the last column because my GPA right now is 3.593. Let's just say that the GPA was significantly higher when I made this list. Last year was bittersweet, to say the least.]
024. Move out of my parents' house.
029. Find a full-time job after graduating from ASC. If I go to grad school on some sort of fellowship, that will also count for this goal. Job-hunting IN PROGRESS.

So all in all, not terribly bad, all things considered. I'll probably cross off the graduation one no matter what happens because the graduation is the big thing on the list. Assuming I do that, that'll put me at nearly a fifth of the way through at the halfway mark, which isn't bad given the long-term nature of many of the items on my list. Clearly my nature for making big problems small works only in math.
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