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The fake test

Remember the fake complex test I turned in as an April Fool joke for Dr. Wiseman? We got our tests back yesterday, and I noticed that he left no comments on the fake test. I asked him about it just to see if he had noticed it.

And apparently he fell for it at first. He thought I had cracked for a second and turned just that in before noticing that there was paper below that which contained the real test, which I did decently on.

So now, for your curiosity and for when I accidentally throw out the paper years from now, the fake test.

1) I'll prove it with MAGIC because I'm a mathemagician. Look! A miracle!

2) (on the number of zeros of a given function) 42. Just trust me on this.

3) The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra is very important in algebra. It can be proven by using the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra.

4) ∫dx/(x4+1) = ∫(1/x4) + 1 dx which diverges. Oops!

5) π. Yes, I'm counting multiplicities. Where do you think the .1415926535897... came from?

6) Again, it's magic. All math is just magic in disguise. Don't you know this?

7) Extra credit: f is a flipping awesome function, that's what.

Now, if I can find groups of orders 27 and 54, I'll be in good shape. To the GoogleMobile!
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