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I just made my to-do list between now and graduation.

And wow. Just wow. It looks so overwhelming, yet so not, when committed to paper.

This list contains all the major things I have to do between now and 9 May 2009.

* Senior seminar draft due 7 April (this time for real)
* Senior seminar presentation 14 April
* SpARC presentation 22 April
* Senior seminar paper due 28 April
* 490 paper due 30 April (2nd reading day)
* nonfiction personal essay
--first draft due 14 April by 3pm
--second draft due 21 April by 3pm
--third draft due 26 April (Sunday) by 3pm
* nonfiction portfolio (due 5 May, the end of the exam period for seniors)
--final draft of personal essay due
--all the work I've done in the class also due with any substantially revised works marked as such, along with a reflective essay. I know I'm revising at least one work.
* French oral exam (toward the end of classes or exam period, date to be determined)
* complex final exam, to be taken during exam period at a time of my choice
* Script Frenzy (now through 30 April)
* that oh-so-wonderful job search
* complex problem sets. I'm guessing there are about three left, not including the one I haven't started yet due Wednesday but should have since Monday's seminar day.

Also, in theory there's supposed to be a second French test. Whether this will actually happen or not is to be determined.

Wow. I'm really glad I got my French presentation out of the way in March. The rest of the class can HAVE April. I don't want this madness.
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