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The last page!

I'm finally on page twelve of my senior seminar paper. Whoohoo! It's only Saturday, too. By Godel, I will finish this before bed tonight so I can get to work on the SpARC presentation and my personal essay draft for nonfiction tomorrow. And laundry. That's very important.

Besides, I have a reward. The other Sujin passed me on the way to the writing center, and she gave me an Easter egg. (A plastic one, not one you find on websites.) I just opened it.

There are two mini Cadbury creme eggs.

That's it. I'm finishing this mofo tonight so I can have those.

First, have a picture, courtesy of Goodsearch's advertisements and a search for song lyrics.

What rhymes with wrong? Hmm. I wonder.

Bonus points if you can guess what song I was looking for. Double bonus points if you get the lyric I was searching.
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