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Saying goodbye to campus last night this morning was a lot of fun. Sure, most of the pictures are probably dark thanks to going out at 1am, but still.

I should start cleaning and packing at some point, especially since I plan on leaving campus Saturday afternoon. This means it's time for the deluge of entries of notes that I want to keep in case I lose the physical copy. Whoohoo!

[And yes, I will write a real entry in here again one day. There's just so much I don't know where to start.]

Here's the first of those lists. I think this was a list of music recommendations after Andrew and I broke up. I'm always up for more music, so why not recommend some or add me on

Tracy Chapman
Janis Joplin
Four Non-Blondes
The Distillers
Allison Kraus + Robert Plant
* Killing the Blues
The Pixies
Jack Johnson
Aretha Franklin
Billie Holiday
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