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This may not happen, but I want to get married on 14 March 2015. You can probably figure out why.

It's not too far away, but it's long enough for me to meet someone, actually get to know them, and figure out if I want to spend my life with them beforehand. This is always good.

I'll be 28 then, which isn't *too* far away, but realistic enough to make this goal seem reachable.

This also gives me a great idea that surely someone has done before but I could put a spin to. Put a deadline to marriage. Try to reach it despite being very single. Even better if it's 3/14/15 or some equally geeky date.

Why are my best ideas these days always romcoms, despite being very single?

I predict headlines surrounding weddings on this date as 3/14/15 approaches. I also predict drama from the non-Americans.

(And to think I normally write the date the other way, and I *am* American.)

(And yes, that's a Saturday, which is PERFECT.)
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