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A catchup bankruptcy

I've figured out why updates are scarce as of late.

Life was busy back during school days. I want to write it all down in one place and process it. This doesn't happen because, well, life was busy. I want to process everything in one place before writing it down in another place. The first place is usually paper, depending on how much there is to write down or how busy I am. Life goes on. I don't write, life speeds up, things keep happening, there's more for me to write about, and next thing I know, there's so much for me to write about that I don't know where to start.

So I don't start.

I think I've mostly caught up in Dr. Nbook, but there's no way I'm going to catch up writing it all down in here. There's just too much.

So in the vein of what Larry Lessig did (though this was mostly his coming to grips with becoming a public figure), I'm declaring a bankruptcy on the past few weeks. Months, more like, though I was concentrating on the past few weeks. Why bother catching up on writing everything down in here if there's no way I can get the energy to do so?

There will be a list later, perhaps tomorrow. Ask for details if you feel so inclined.
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