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This is what happens when I clean.

I started to clear my desk today. Good news: I now know that the surface of my desk is black. This is good to know.

Some surprising things I found in all the clutter (keep in mind I've had this desk for...four years, maybe):

* a never-before-bent dollar bill
* the floppy disk I saved my first three NaNo novels on (don't worry, I have backups)
* documents that belong in the Ex Files (yes, I really do have a folder)
* more twist ties than I know what to do with
* my ticket stub from seeing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
* a Barbie hairbrush (huh?)
* a burned One Piece DVD that sharnjilraedan sent me several years ago (remember that?)

There were the usual things too, like my ASC diploma and the book I'm reading now (Black Beauty--I never read that as a kid) and a shower cap and a can of Play-Doh, but I've gotten used to those.
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