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Some things of note

* The first two weeks of my contract with myself have passed. I now have exactly 2.5 months to go before moving out. Okay, a little less than that because the first of September is a Tuesday. I won't start panicking for a few more weeks.

* I finished Dr. Nbook 74 today. Number 75 is waiting to be started, likely tomorrow. This makes two Dr. Nbooks in a row whose titles are based of Indigo Girls songs. I wonder what this says about me.

* I'm having a yard sale this weekend at my parents' place. Of course, since we live in a tiny road off the middle of nowhere and will just make a ton of signs, few people will show up. Especially since, as unpredictable as weather is, it's slated to rain only on Saturday. All this stuff really needs to go. I can hardly walk in here, and it'll make packing a lot easier.

* I'm also getting rid of books in this yard sale. Gasp, you say. Not all my books, mind. Just the ones I bought years ago so I'd look well-read and so I could tell myself I'd read them one day (right?). Then I realized a ton of them were in the public domain, and besides, I can take only so much Shakespeare in one session. (Macbeth, Hamlet, and Othello are still safe. Yum.)

* I've been wasting most of my time on Hunch ever since its public opening. It's based on the idea that I use whenever I pose a question to LJ or Twitter or Google: because there are so many people out there, someone out there knows the answer. Hunch helps indecisive types like me make decisions, but it actually gets smarter as more people use it, which is why you should get an account instead of just fooling around. Come on, virtual banjos for contributions? That's what I call fun. Hunch isn't as great as human relations, so it won't tell me who on my flist has the hots for me. For almost everything else, though, you can dive in, play a few topics, and once you've played a few, you can tweak them and make them better. I made one to help you decide whether you should do NaNoWriMo. Try it. You might like it. You can also find out whether you can fight a bear and win. I have a very very slim chance.

Let the next 2.5 months begin.
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