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Water is serious business

Dad likes his bottled water. As today would demonstrate, he likes his particular brand of bottled water.

Jeffrey and I went to Ingles to get said crates of water, raincheck in hand from the last two visits when the water was on sale but not available. As soon as we entered, we saw the water, grabbed three crates, and checked out. He handed me the receipt to give Mum when she came in. Easy.

Mum came in later and asked if I had the receipt. I did. Oh, nothing was wrong. We just got the wrong kind of water.

I pointed out that we bought the right brand.

Oh no, she told me. You got purified water. I said spring water. At this point I told her that getting the water was not my responsibility (true), and therefore this was not my problem. Dad wasn't pleased either because purified water tastes dead. That's right. Dead. Apparently there's a difference in the kinds of non-Dasani waters. Who knew?

In that case, let me introduce you to this novel concept called a reusable water bottle and the filter on your kitchen sink. You'll be sending less plastic to the landfill as Ringgold doesn't give two shits about recycling AND you'll be saving money. It's win-win.

Meanwhile, Mum was on the phone with Ingles seeing if she could get her money back and get her second choice of water instead.

Water. It's serious business.
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