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My sunburn is starting to peel. Ick. Actually, it's not so much ugly as it is annoying, such as when I introduce my face to the towel and I see skin flakes on the towel. That isn't pretty.

I have three more of the thick-ink pens that I mentioned in the last entry. Actually, I have four, but the fourth is really pale blue. I learned my lesson when I tried to reread an entry written in the pale green pen. Gah. Won't get you anywhere. Actually, the pale gel pens aren't quite as thick, but they're nearly impossible to read. I remember in middle school when we would write "I love _____" on our hands; I wouldn't do it that often, although I was [and still am, probably] terrible at hiding crushes. I had pretty handwriting, though, so I would write on my friends' hands. It was fun.

Okay, more reminiscing. In the early Dr. Nbooks, way back when they were just Nbooks, I kept lists of things I liked and didn't like. Obviously this list wasn't all-encompassing, even at that time, since I didn't want to list everything. Without further ado, here's the list at the time. They're obviously in no particular order, but explanations are in brackets if needed.

The Final List: 2 July 2000 [Wow, that's a long time ago]
from For My Eyes Only, Nbook 16

I ♥:
-Dustin C. [a guy I liked during the writing of this journal but not before the end]
-math [Ah, just before the dark ages.]
-reading + writing stories + poetry
-keeping journals
-being the best [superiority complex, yes?]

I X:
-Steven Flunko [It was hate at first sight for us, but we're friends now.]
-criticism [I can take it now, though.]
-being called perfect (I'm not!) [At the time everyone thought I was because I was "the smart one". This might explain above-mentioned superiority complex a bit.]
-admitting defeat
-when your best isn't good enough
-Jeffrey the Brat [brother, of course]

(list posted to sushimustwrite, history_of_me)
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