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The last couple of nights have been full of weird dreams.

The night before I dreamed that I was getting ready for school at my parents' house. I was running late, and Mum was yelling at me to get ready already! However, there was something I needed, and it was at Grandmother's. I ran out the door toward her house to get it. The mystery object wasn't down there, so I returned. There was a pile of stuff on the stove, so I took that off and made sure the stove was off. It was. Then I went to brush my teeth, and while I was doing that, someone knocked on the door. I opened it to be greeted by two policemen.

"Ma'am, we're afraid your house is on fire," one of them said. "You'll have to leave now." So I ran out the door, toothbrush still in mouth, and still wanted to go back in the house and get Dr. Nbook.


Last night I was walking back from the store and entered a house. I put down my umbrella and groceries and saw a woman doting over a man lying on the floor. He had a blanket over him. "Shhh," the woman whispered to me. "Don't tell him we'll have to cut off his legs." I turned around a few minutes later, and sure enough, his legs were gone.

Time passed. The man was in a wheelchair, and the woman was standing in front of him. The woman yelled at him and the punched him in the face. At first I was horrified, but then I saw the video camera and heard the voice over. "Stay tuned and find out what happens next week!"

I was late for class, so I ran down the street. The class was at Columbia, but this wasn't any old classroom--it was in a funky 24-hour diner. Everyone was sitting around me in their hip fashion getups. "Did you finish the book? What happens?" they asked each other. How on earth could they have NOT FINISHED THE BOOK? I asked myself. Finally I just told them the ending, but not any of the symbolism that the ending held.
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