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xkcd really does imitate life. Or is it the other way around?

After rereading the entry about my two most recent dreams, it occurred to me that this xkcd comic is starting to come true, yet I haven't even been out of school for three months yet. What is happening to me?

Oh, that's right. There really is an xkcd comic for every situation in life.

I was doing really great with writing in Dr. Nbook lately, but I've been slacking over the last few days, despite the amount to write about, like the dreams. This reminds me: I need to refill my other two fountain pens.

I just started an entry in Dr. Nbook. Not a long entry, but something to say that I wrote for the day. Sometimes that nudge is what we all need. Apparently said entry is number thirteen. At least I'm not superstitious.
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