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T minus three days to a new life

Progress so far: Two bags, two boxes of stuff in my room, two boxes of food in the living room, and two more boxes in progress. Mum let me go hog wild and take whatever I wanted from the cabinets, and among other things, I found four bags of chocolate chips and four bags of butterscotch chips. Looks like I'm making cookies after moving in. Score.

I know I've packed my stuff every year when going to and from college, but this is packing extreme. Even now I'm leaving things behind, like my huge corner desk and my huge dresser, just because they'll be a pain in the neck to haul. Mum and Jeffrey are already arguing over what to do with my room after I'm gone.

As far as packing goes, I've finally started to put a dent into my room. A significant number of books are off the shelves, and about half of my math books are packed. I haven't even started the Dr. Nbooks yet. That needs to begin ASAP. I've never packed them before, so I expect that they'll become very jumbled in the process of being packed and unpacked.

Now for the real question. Do I take my math notes? I vote for yes, though they'll probably take up a box by themselves.
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