Sushi (sushimustwrite) wrote,

It just occurred to me that I still haven't written a proper update here yet.

Therefore, I will do that now.

Jeffrey's friend Evan came with us to help with moving in, and moving in didn't take that long with five people doing the work. I decided to leave the unpacking for later, and the five of us went out in search of lunch. We eventually went to Boston Market, a chain place I had never been to before. The cook told us that turkey would take half an hour; I was cool with that as I examined the menu. Apparently Jeffrey didn't pay attention because he ordered a turkey sandwich. He didn't want chicken for once. Gasp.

The rest of us obtained our food, but Jeffrey's turkey sandwich didn't come out for forty minutes, after which time he decided to get the money back and grab something to eat on the way back. The staff gave us (well, me, I suppose, as there are no Boston Markets where I grew up) two free meals on a next visit. Something tells me Jeffrey won't be going back there anyway.

The rest of the weekend was spent unpacking. Putting together my desktop and unpacking my books actually helped with a lot of the mess. Somehow I am not surprised.

Last week I planned on just pounding the streets in search of a job. I did this on Monday and Friday; however, rain put a damper in my plans the other three days, but I spent that time well in searching for jobs online. Still no progress, though. If you know of anything, please let me know.

To that end, my past addresses are now invalid. Please try again.
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