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At least there's no second flood. Yet.

First, I have an internship. It's part-time in the late morning and early afternoon, meaning that I can use the rest of that time to look for actual jobs. Yes, the people there are aware that I am still looking for a real job. I need the experience and something to do, so this is good. I start on Monday.

Second, my website is up and running again! This time I'll actually keep it updated. My goal for this is real writing, where the LJ will concentrate on life. There will of course be connections between the two sites. See the first entry there, which is inspired by a real life incident--the Big Bang Theory marathon that the Society of Physics Students at Agnes hosted last night. I let slip to a couple of members that I had never seen it and that everyone and their mother had recommended it, and next thing I knew, I had no more excuses. I also ran into Dr. Riddle on the way to the observatory. Apparently several students tried to convince him to go too, but he didn't.

It has been raining on and off this afternoon. The rain started as soon as I put on my socks and decided I was going grocery shopping. Don't you love when that happens? The weather says it'll be sunnier tomorrow, so I can go then.

By the way, I love the show.
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