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It's time to inventory your desk!

This is one of my favorite threads in the NaNo forums. You simply list everything that's on your desk. Here are the contents of my desk right now.

* computer (including monitor, speakers, and actual computer)
* box of thumbtacks
* roll of blue tape
* notice of address change
* copy of The Kite Runner
* one of those little containers with sliding drawers
* a box with a pen in it
* a highlighter shaped like a flower
* an empty plastic bag
* three packs of cards and envelopes
* scissors
* five small notebooks
* two bags of batteries
* scattered index cards
* markers
* a box of index cards
* a little box containing slips of paper
* a knitted rectangle
* three pairs of knitting needles
* two rulers
* pencil case
* collapsible filer
* container with stuff in it
* folders
* marker board
* lamp shaped like the Eiffel Tower
* three receipts
* a grocery list
* a Kroger savings card
* two bottles of medication
* two rolls of tape
* a plaque that says "I'm never too busy to complain about how busy I am"
* a bottle of fountain ink
* a fountain pen
* two regular pens
* a coaster that says MUG RUG
* a Script Frenzy tumbler (is that what they're called?)
* a container of pudding (not always there; I'm eating some now) and the lid and spoon
* a hairbrush
* my phone
* the thing that hooks my iPod to the computer
* four unused butterknives
* a really hard puzzle
* a little decorative thing from the 2008 Olympics
* hand sanitizer
* a staple remover

Also, help NaNoWriMo win 10,000 dollars! You can actually select the Office of Letters and Light from the dropdown menu now. Woo!

In other news, I may or may not have posted far too much on the forums already.
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