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Turn out your pockets!

There's a thread on the NaNo forums asking you to detail the contents of your pockets (or bag or purse). Here's my list. Man, I need to clean my purse.

Store receipts, old shopping lists, scraps of paper with random notes, ticket for two free meals at a restaurant after some bad service with no expiration date
three pens
one pencil
lip gloss
flash drive
big eraser
wallet containing transit pass, state ID, debit card, blood donor card, five-year-old card from college with emergency phone numbers, library cards, old college ID, phone cards that probably aren't any good, Kroger card, a Steak and Shake card for 10% off for more or less the rest of the year, a few business cards, some spare change (no cash though. Wow, I am poor.)
mailing from my bank confirming my change of address
my passport
a small notebook
my checkbook
an envelope from my grandmother with money in it (she gave it to me the day I moved out)
library card scanners that I can attach to key rings but never did
sanitary pad
plastic bag containing condoms, dental dams, and lube (not that I have any plans to use any of these anytime soon. Besides, they're probably not too good anymore)
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