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A life motivator

(Originally posted at the site today.)

After poking around Chaotic Shiny's NaNoWriMo motivator for a few minutes, I moved on to the life motivator. (Seriously, give the NaNo one a try next month.) What exactly the purpose of the life motivator is, I'm not sure. Let's see what it spits out.

Do the hardest tasks first.
I'm a fan of doing the easy ones first. It gives me a sense of productivity to check the things off my to-do list.

Start work early.
Pretty good advice on the whole. If you're lucky, you can leave earlier. If not, then at least you're chopping away at what needs to be done and get stuff done. Besides, it's better than procrastinating.

Read for fun.
I like this one. I'm actually devoting most of my November commute to writing instead of reading, simply because it's a significant chunk of time and let's face it, I can get some good writing done.

Drink some water.
I have a mug of water next to me right now. Good job, self. In fact, that's my beverage of choice these days.

Think about the benefits, not the difficulties.
This one's hard for me to do. I'm not an optimist by nature, though I certainly try. It's usually a balancing act. "Yes, this could happen! Or this really bad thing could happen."

Do less.
Wouldn't that be great? Too bad my mind won't let me.

NaNo starts in almost 24 hours? Who's excited? I'm excited.
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