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I woke up at six this morning for reasons I can't figure out. For awhile I thought my "waking up in the middle of the night" had ceased, but it has been happening again for about a week or so. Granted, I've also been going to bed later for said week, which might explain a few things.

So I laid in bed for about two hours, thinking about things in an attempt to go back to sleep. I made lists, I compared, I considered updating to contemplate why on earth I was up so early.

Then a stomach growled. Mine. Knowing that staying in bed would only make me hungrier, I crawled out of bed to eat breakfast.

With that, I'm off to experience the day.

Edit 9:10am: Remember my sunburn last weekend? Well, apparently my scalp suffered through the process as well, even if I didn't feel it. Sometime last night it started to peel, and I didn't notice it until this morning when Mum pointed it out. Grah.

dead skin + dark hair =/= pretty

Now to attack it with a hairbrush in the hopes of getting some of it out.
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