Sushi (sushimustwrite) wrote,

On Rain

Today's Seven for Seven on embodiment struck me.

how do you protect yourself from any type of rain? or do you revel in getting soaked? (to be taken literally, to be taken metaphorically)

Until I decided to downsize and start carrying a smaller purse, I could fit an umbrella (and a notebook) in my purse. At the first sight of rain, the umbrella came out, ready to protect me. After I downsized, though, the umbrella had to go. I had to rely on to tell me of the sky's plans. If I stepped outside and saw rain coming down, I would run back to my room and grab my umbrella before braving the world. I love the rain. I love to hear the pitter-patter that it creates on the ground, on the roofs, and on the umbrella when I carry it. I don't like to get wet because of the rain, though. When I get wet, I usually get cold, and I don't enjoy being cold. Exposing myself to the rain is something I rarely do. When I do, the experience is either beautiful or horrid.

Somehow I think all this is written metaphorically as well.
Tags: journal prompts

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