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The rewrite has begun.

I started rewriting the book yesterday. The goal is to finish the second draft by the end of the month...or at least hit 50k. I'm at 6,000 words right now, so the latter goal is doable. If this draft is going to be the same length as the first draft, I'm behind. I'm not sure how long it's going to be, though. It may be a little shorter.

The writing is going slowly... well, slowly for me. Two and a half hours to write 3,000 words? You're killing me, self. I know this is just a little slower my typical non-word war rate, but still. I don't expect 3000 words an hour; I am paying more attention to the role of each scene, even if the prose is still crap at this point.

Clearly word wars have spoiled me.

Also, last night I dreamed that people on the friends list had sock accounts to talk about me behind my back. It was interesting.
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