Sushi (sushimustwrite) wrote,

A list for the future

I made a list of short-term goals in order to make the next few years fall into place (assuming, of course, my goals don't change, as they are apt to do).

1. finish editing first NaNoWriMo 2009 novel
* This may involve at least one more rewrite. Beta readers at some point would also be a good thing.
* research agents and publishers; start submitting
2. Start the Wiki of Doom1
* research wiki possibilities
* Register domain name
* Write documentation
* Write enough articles to give newbies an idea of where to start
* Figure out how to limit editing privileges
3. Do Blogathon (31 July 2009), likely for the Office of Letters and Light (they're a registered nonprofit, you know!)
* This will be at SWAT. Speaking of which, my domain name renewal is coming up next month.
4. Find a job after my temporary job ends
5. Look at master's degree programs
* No, I don't want a Ph.D. Not yet, at least. A lot of math programs in the US are Ph.D.-focused, and as such it can be harder to get funding for just a master's program. Another point for going abroad. On the other hand, actually getting into a school as an international student could be difficult, as I don't have stellar grades but could make up for it. Non-US folks, this is your chance to sell me on the country of your choice.
6. Study for GREs, both general and subject. Take them in October or thereabouts. Get the highest score I can possibly get.
* I'll have to take the subject GRE in October or November since it's offered only three times a year, and no way in hell am I taking it in November.
7. Write. Create. Read.

There. Now you folks can hold me accountable for stuff. That's much more fun than doing it alone, isn't it? I have a handwritten list containing the main points of this entry as well. As soon as I get up and find some tape, it's getting taped to my desk.

1Wiki may or may not contain actual doom.

OH OH OH. You need to watch this episode of South Park right now for everything that's wrong with Facebook. DO IT.
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