Sushi (sushimustwrite) wrote,

This just happened on AIM. Yes, the obvious IM name exists.

(03:17:15 PM) 649233882: Hi.
(03:18:26 PM) sushimustwrite: hello
(03:18:49 PM) 649233882: i'm not going to talk to you unless you tell me who you are
(03:18:55 PM) sushimustwrite: I don't know who you are
(03:19:01 PM) 649233882: ok well then that's stupid
(03:19:04 PM) sushimustwrite: I just see a bunch of numbers for your name
(03:19:05 PM) sushimustwrite: You IMed me
(03:19:36 PM) 649233882: no, you're showing up as a bunch of numbers
(03:19:51 PM) 649233882: AIM IM with 6490228997/11/10 3:18 PM
(03:20:08 PM) sushimustwrite: You're showing up as (03:19:51 PM) 649233882
(03:20:22 PM) 649233882: yeah, that's my name. it's not a bunch of numbers rere
(03:20:35 PM) sushimustwrite: Weird
(03:20:38 PM) sushimustwrite: This sounds hat-related
(03:20:57 PM) 649233882: well this is weird. i'm leaving now.
(03:20:59 PM) sushimustwrite: ok

This sounds like something related to themissinghat, but a quick scan of the community shows nothing related, not to mention that this IM name is posted nowhere (except here upon making this entry). Interesting. Maybe I'll post this there now.
Tags: 101in1001 entries, conversations, wtf
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