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Remember the days when I used to be good at updating?

Don't worry. I have no idea what happened to those days either. Whatever the case, things have happened. Not extremely shocking things like my sudden employment, but things nonetheless.

I had a job interview in Atlanta on Thursday. They're supposed to finish interviewing people and let me know sometime this week, so let's hope. Other than that it has just been rejection (I've gotten quite a few in the past few days, which is easily explained by the half-dozen jobs I applied to every day for the past few weeks) and never hearing back. I did talk to a recruiter at Google a few weeks ago but got rejected there. At least it was by a human.

Mum and Dad's anniversary was on Saturday. They took off for a weekend trip with no real destination in mind and wound up in Hickory, North Carolina. I had no crazy parties while they were gone. Ah well. Mum brought back around fifty brochures she had picked up on the trip. I am not exaggerating. They're all sitting next to my spot at the table, and she made a special effort to show me the brochures when they returned. I went into the kitchen to see what she was going to show me, and I saw the stack.

In that stack was a local newspaper for Hickory, NC. I read about half of it this morning over breakfast. There was a fascinating article about an aquarium exhibit for the visually impaired (not the same newspaper, but the same article). The exhibit uses molds of North Carolina fish so people can feel the fish while the fish talk about their properties. Neat.

I also started learning Python over the weekend. It's going well so far, though I still get some things mixed up in my head sometimes, like = and ==, or putting variables before while loops. I know what the difference is and how to use them. The difference is actually using it.

Yesterday I played tennis with Jeffrey and one of his friends. I haven't played since winning a tennis award at Jesus camp because my only opponent thought tennis was like badminton. That aside, I wasn't as terrible last night as one would expect. Okay, I started out badly. Duh. Things got less painful, though. My body isn't used to this exercising concept. Perhaps it should start to.

I think I've sorted out the snafu with my address. It turns out that my mail was going in an infinite loop thanks to my first address change never getting canceled. This was because the person at the post office told me to fill out another address change form in order to cancel my first one. This didn't work. Oops. Of course, if I get this job and wind up moving, all this address changing will be for naught, but at least I'll be getting mail.

NaNoWriMo starts in less than three months. Hooray! I still have no idea what to write about, but that's okay. I still have time to decide that. On a similar note, the wiki is also going well. I went on an article-writing binge a few days ago.

One of my best friends from high school got married a few weeks ago. I'm not ready for this! Stop the presses! Stop your grownup schemes! On that note, one of the questions at my interview on Thursday was what I wanted to be when I grew up. I said, "If I grow up!" The interviewer (who happened to be the cofounder of the company) laughed and said that was the right answer. I approve. :D

Speaking of which, why did no one ever tell me about the Museum of Mathematics? I want to work here. Apparently they're opening in 2012 and are looking for a venue in NYC and are doing traveling exhibits, so I still have two years to make my way up there. Best job ever or best job ever?

I really like this song. That is all.
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