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I showed Jeffrey how to sell stuff on eBay a few nights ago. He wanted to get rid of some of his old textbooks (understandable), so we started looking through eBay and Amazon to see what would sell well. After doing some preliminary research we threw a few books on eBay I had to explain everything to him, and he had bought on eBay before, while I had not when I started selling. I mean everything. What to put in the listing, what his options were for the listing, things that seem like common sense but were apparently not. Yes, you want to describe the item you're selling. This is why eBay exists. Maybe this annoys me because no one held my hand when I learned. Whatever the case, thanks to the Buy It Now option he added, he had two sales by Friday morning. I had a sale to take to the post office as well, so off we went.

We stopped by the phone company to pay the phone bill. The new building for the phone company is fancy. A little too fancy for such a building, actually. There's a long driveway to get to the actual building, and you drive past a pond before parking. I think I saw a few ducks in there. We went through the drive-through only to see that it was closed, but we could drop the bill in the drop box. No thanks. We went inside, which was just as fancy as the outside, and went to the counters.

And who should we see but one of my high school classmates.

Madelyn was one of my fellow honors kids, though she was very uptight and a bit snooty. She never liked me that much, probably because I was only socially and academically anxious. She made no sign of recognizing me as she took the check out the envelope and told us that they check the drop box throughout the day ("Ever since co-writing a play about a drop box that sucks a character into a weird land, I no longer trust drop boxes," I said. She didn't find this funny. I'm not surprised.), processed the check, and handwrote a receipt ("The printer's broken," she said, and the receipts scattered around her made this believable). I'm almost positive she recognized the name; my last name's not very common, and she actually said it when she asked if it was okay to make the receipt out to the name on the check (my dad's). Not to mention that Mum wrote the check, and her name definitely stands out.

Oh well. I wasn't planning on reconnecting with her.

Interestingly, out of the three people from high school I've spotted in the wild in the last few months (two of my fellow honors kids and one from the popular crowd), only the person from the popular crowd said hello. We even had a friendly conversation for a few minutes--a little short, yes, but I was looking for the bookstore. The sample size is small, but does this mean I should (gasp) go to a high school reunion?

(And speaking of stats books, I acquired two stats books from Jeffrey after discovering their really low selling prices. Woot!)
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