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Three-Day Novel Progress, Day Two

The three days of the three-day novel contest can almost be compared to the three weeks of NaNoWriMo. The first day of the three-day novel is the day of excitement, the day where the characters are getting to know each other and feeling out the plot. The second day is the day of wondering what on earth you got yourself into as you sit down and throw on words on the screen because if you don't, the story will never end. By this logic, the third day will be the day of glory when I finally see the light and the plot twist. In my case it'll involve the ghost that wasn't affected by the exorcism and my character's adventures in starting her own business at the haunted building. She just got laid off from her job, you see.

The first day went great. Today my brain and my fingers wanted to type completely different things, and my backspace button got a great workout. My brain started to fizzle out during longer writing sessions and not cooperate with my fingers. It wasn't writer's block; I haven't any major problems with writer's block during this story. It was just mental and physical exhaustion from writing so much in the past two days. This is what the three-day novel is all about.

And my creation shows it. I'm at 40,000 words right now. My plot is starting to wrap up. One of the plot lines is nearly finished except for the aforementioned not-quite-affected ghost. The others still need to be wrapped up before being finished, but they're nearly there. I can easily finish tomorrow without any major noveling marathons.

If I've learned nothing else from the three-day novel, it's what I really should have learned from NaNo: novel-writing really is a sport. Who knew sitting down and writing could be so physically exhausting?

And before you ask, I have no plans to repeat this experience during NaNo. Don't get your hopes up.

But if you don't want to do the three-day novel or NaNo, here's a noveling contest for you.


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Sep. 6th, 2010 12:39 pm (UTC)
I think next weekend I am going to do my own version of the 3 day novel, except mine will be a 4 day novel since I have a 4 day weekend every weekend. Or I could postpone it one more weekend and have a week long contest that I could call the Chuseok Holiday Novel Writing Contest or CHNWC.

I was going to start today and just try to cram three days of writing into two, but then I ended up meeting with my buddy to get a cellphone this afternoon. And I think tomorrow will be spent setting up my Korean bank account. So, obviously not happening this weekend.

Enjoy the last day of your 3 day novel writing! Sushi Hwaiting!!
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