Sushi (sushimustwrite) wrote,

The to-do list just keeps growing.

As the days until NaNoWriMo grow shorter, my to-do list grows longer. Funny how that works. I keep thinking of things that need to be done that aren't already on my list, like voting, (thank goodness for early voting), doing laundry, and contacting my newbies to ease any last-minute jitters. I feel like I've been a bad mentor this year, which is funny because I don't have as many newbies as last year, the year I found myself taking over a dozen newbies. Tomorrow I'll make an actual list and keep it on my desk next month so I can keep tabs on everyone. My NaNoWriMo buddy list is fruitless at this point since I have over 50 writing buddies.

I've started cutting down on the blogs I read for the month. Maybe I can start cutting them altogether or at least visit them sporadically like I did in the days before discovering Google Reader. But really, it's my job search section that's eating my feed. I'm not sure what to do to tame that, especially since it's as tame as it's going to get. I may have to learn how not to read an item just because it's there to be read.

Wikiwrimo passed 100 members today. Hooray! Now to 150. Maybe we can get there before NaNo starts.

NaNo's almost here!
Tags: nanowrimo, nanowrimo2010

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