Sushi (sushimustwrite) wrote,

200k and a purple bar

I hit 200,000 words today. When I saw that I was at 191,000 words yesterday, 200,000 became the goal for today. I procrastinated like no one's business and didn't write a word until the evening hours, but somehow I pulled out the last 9k in the hours before midnight and before validation began.

Yes, validation and winning started at midnight tonight in my time zone. Thanks to the validator choking on files over 100,000 words or so, I uploaded my current NaNoWriMo novel, which is around 70,000 words. This was enough for me to earn my purple bar and winner goodies for the ninth time and to continue my winning streak.

NaNo 2010 winner icon

I also picked up a car loaded with books for the NaNoWriMo book drive. No, really. All in all, today was a good day. And now I celebrate with sleep, Thanksgiving dinner, and a 50k weekend.
Tags: 50kweekend, nanowrimo, nanowrimo2010

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