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Things that have happened

* Jennifer and Autumn showed up for Thanksgiving, family members we haven't seen in nearly a year and a half. Given everything that had happened surrounding Jennifer, I'm glad that everyone acted cordially.

* NaNo ended, but you know that. I'm still going through withdrawal.

* I'm still a bum, but you could have guessed that too.

* I had my last tutoring session with one of my tutees yesterday. The other tutee's last session will be next week.

* I'm working on my writing schedule for next year. It'll be interesting with two books to edit (the first 2009 novel and this year's first novel). I'm hoping to make significant progress on both of them next year, but the timeline on the first one (the one about the haunted pumpkins) has been driving me nuts, probably because I want to change the timeline again and the one I want to change it to (over the course of one night and the day after) simply isn't doable. No, really, I can't think of a single way to keep the reader's attention or make it not confusing. There needs to be something more to the story, but I can't figure out what. That's what I'll be spending the rest of the year thinking of because I'd really like to have a third draft finished before NaNoEdMo in March, when I'll start working on the first 2010 novel again.

* Slightly related, I'm working on a list of goals for next year. Or to be more specific, a list of things to do before I turn 25, which is *gulp* in early 2012. Seven days into 2012, actually, so I may as well make the goal list for next year. First up: Income flow. This usually comes with a job. Second up: At least one more draft of both aforementioned novels with a plan for editing the chick lit novel from 2006. Fun fact: the love interest from said chick lit novel showed up in this year's third novel. It makes perfect sense, believe it or not. Both books take place in New York City, and the love interest is an artist. He painted a painting that is very important to one of the storylines. A couple of his paintings from the 2006 novel are even mentioned in this one, though not the important one. That's because the important one got stolen.

Even more ideally, I'd have a plan for the mathverse as well by the end of 2011. This is where being a pantser comes and kicks me in the butt. You'd think NaNo would have taught me to write the damn thing instead of waiting for it to come fully formed in my head, but apparently not. Time to brush up on my math for the mathverse planning, then.

* I think that's everything of interest. Carry on.
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