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Cruise Update

First, if you haven't already read the last entry, you're going to be lost--or at least slightly disoriented.

Back? Good.

It turns out that we have approximately four days to confirm when we're going to go, et cetera, and we have to go in the next twelve months. Mum and Dad probably aren't going to go, which was surprising. Hrm. Jeffrey and Ethan were making fun of the moonlight dinner over dinner tonight:

Jeffrey: So it's a, er, lovely evening.
Ethan: Jeffrey, did you bathe?

The scary part is that I could see that happening if Jeffrey went with one of his friends. Basically, he doesn't much fancy going; he just entered as a joke. So guess who that leaves?

That's right. Yours truly. I went through all my options, listing pros and cons. Finally, I thought, Wait a minute. Grandmother has never left the country as far as I know. Let's face it; she won't be around as long as I will (assuming an average lifespan for me; she's 81, for the curious) to travel the world. She needs to be able to see another part of the world, even if it is just south of Florida (it's to the Bahamas...wait a minute, did I not mention it in the last entry? Oops).

So I walked to her house (she lives down the road) to propose this idea to her. Mum had told her about it, but Grandmother didn't know much about it because Mum didn't know much about it. She tried to talk me out of it, tried to tell me to take one of my friends instead. I'd love to take a friend with me on this trip. I even considered it; I had made a mental list of pros and cons. In the end, I still thought she needed to travel and explore, which was why I was telling her this in the first place. Sure, we might wind up doing completely different things and see each other only at meals, but the overall experience will be fun.

She said she'd think about it. There's hope! She also said that if I did want to take a friend, she wouldn't get mad if I replaced her. Sure, we might wind up doing completely different things and see each other only at meals, but the overall experience will be fun.

I'm still amazed.
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