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It snowed on Christmas! Remember when I mentioned that? Well, I have pictures. I built a snow woman, and there's a picture of me with her in that album. She's still sitting in the front yard, though the snow is starting to melt. My thighs are still sore from pushing all that snow around, though they're getting a bit better. I think they should be fine by tomorrow. Good thing, too, since I have laundry to do and I'll need to stand up without pain long enough to get the clothes in and out of the washer and dryer.

So, Christmas.

* Someone (Grandmother or my cousin Autumn, we're not sure who) broke a glass before the meal, and pieces may or may not have landed in the cranberry sauce that I had just sliced up. Mum made a huge deal out of slicing the cranberry sauce, so I did. And then we didn't get to eat it, and I don't get leftover turkey and cranberry sandwiches.

* It snowed! That was the best part of the day. I believe I've already mentioned it.

* There are so many extra kids now. Mark has two kids and a girlfriend who has three or four kids, and Cheryl has Kasey and a boyfriend with three kids, and all of those kids showed up. Yeah. Not to mention Autumn, who showed up with... Cheryl, I think, but she's sixteen now (seriously? These kids grow up too fast) and is not the brat she used to be. She probably wouldn't believe me if I told her she used to be the family member everyone used to hate. Kids are like that. I'm sure the "Autumn meets an elephart" picture is still around Grandmother's house somewhere. On the other hand, Kasey is turning into the brat Autumn once was. I think part of it is being spoiled; she's the only grandkid on her dad's side, so of course her dad's parents are going to spoil her rotten and get her whatever she wants. I'm sure it's not just that, but being spoiled doesn't help much. Speaking of which, several of the kids got phones for Christmas, and a couple of others already have phones. I'm talking eight- to ten-year-old kids, not the older ones who already have phones. Seriously?! They were glued to the couch and to the phones for awhile before I put the table in the living room and they decided to sit at the table. At least they all went outside in the snow later. There is some hope.

There are three days left this year. I still need to clear my desk (and preferably the rest of my room), steal someone's idea on a blog I read and write about the events of the year for Dr. Nbook, and outline the pumpkin novel now that I have a timeline and some concrete events for it. Those are the only things with a definite deadline in 2010, though you could consider laundry a 2010 thing since I'm almost out of underwear and socks.

My throat is a little bit sore. Not really sore, just annoying enough to be noticeable. I hope this doesn't mean I'm getting sick. Everyone's getting sick. Let's hope I don't.

That's nearly everything of note. Oh! Wikiwrimo's main page passed 10k views today. Hooray! That's noteworthy.
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