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Dentist and Departure

Ouch. The right half of my mouth is so numb it's not funny. I tried to put on chapstick earlier, and it landed in my mouth. Ick.

Anyway, I went to the dentist this morning. I won't bore you with the details (Finally! I hear all of you scream), but it turns out that I need a root canal. Fun.

I also talked to Bat today (high school Nerd Bowl coach), and guess what I found out, among other things.

Mme Ruth, French teacher/French Club-French Honor Society sponsor/senior project mentor/letter of recommendation writer/overall mentor, isn't coming back to RHS next year. Now she has a good reason--her father's sick and she's also thinking about starting a family soon--but then I asked what French students of the future were going to do.

That's when Bat told me. Since very few people signed up for French next year, the school isn't hiring another French teacher to replace her. Face, meet palm.

Why do I mourn over this? As most of you know, I'm currently a math/French major (and assuming I don't change my mind in the next year while I still can, I still will be). When I chose to take French in high school for the foreign language requirement, I didn't know that I would be exposed to a new passion. I discovered something that I was good at with French--the power of words. I picked up the basics of the language much more quickly than my classmates did, but I didn't stop there, nor did Mme Ruth force me to stop at what we learned in class. So I kept going.

Starting the year before I graduated, the seniors at my school had to complete a final paper and a project in order to graduate. For my project, I decided to do my project in French. (The paper was in English, even though the English department probably didn't read it since I wasn't there the entire year anyway. It was a fun paper on language immersion, though.) Would I have chosen the project (a 20-page pastiche of Le Petit Prince) without her as a mentor? Probably so. Would I have mastered the nitpicky grammar that I still hadn't quite picked up on through my independent study? Probably not.

So yes, she's pretty much the reason I'm a French major now. The sad part is that students of the future won't get to experience her passion for the language...or, thanks to the high school, anyone else's. [sigh]
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