Sushi (sushimustwrite) wrote,

The Barbie dilemma

I collected Barbie dolls when I was a kid. Many people who know me are surprised to hear it, but it's true. I've accumulated around 120 dolls over the years, ending sometime during my early teens, and they've sat on shelves in my room over the years, all unopened. (Okay, a few of them have been opened for me to play with. But most of them are unopened.)

Since I don't plan on taking them with me when I move, I decided to sell them on eBay during the most recent free listing period. Unfortunately I didn't think of this during the first half of the free listing period, so I had to get a move on during the last weekend of it. I took pictures of all the dolls and started listing them on eBay, making the auctions end on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Out of exactly 100 items I listed (98 Barbie-related), 32 of them sold. This is slightly below the 40% average I've been reading. I've already relisted the unsold items that had watchers but have held off on the other unsold items for now since the free listing period is over. I'll crunch some numbers this week to see what day (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) fared best before continuing to list; those listing fees add up. According to what I've been reading, ending an auction on Sunday is best. This goes against everything I've noticed about online activity on Sunday.

But that's not where the fun begins. See, my mother now knows that I'm selling my collection, and she wants a cut of the cash. I know, right? She thinks that because she bought me all those dolls as holiday gifts, she should get the money when I sell them. Talking to her has revealed that she primarily bought them for me so she could sell them when I got older and get the money herself. Uh, no, Mum. You bought them for me as a gift. You know, that thing you give without an expectation of anything in return. If you wanted them so badly, you should have bought them for yourself, even though you never would have done so in the first place. Even if they weren't so-called gifts, you don't do that to a little kid who doesn't know better. That makes you a manipulative git.

As for the money I'm getting from this? It's going toward my moving out fund. Is that revenge or justice?
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