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The camping trip, part five

The afternoon in Boone was mostly spent sitting around the living room and talking while people took showers and threw stuff in Jordan's dryer. His dryer and shower made funny noises. The others on the trip were part of an established social group (friends of Erin's, I think). So we're starting to see the social graph forming. I'm the farthest connected in the group already. so breaking into these established social groups is already that much more difficult. Whee!

I made my way into Erin's room at one point, where the established social group had made their way when everyone else was doing other things. There was talk about a text message one of them had received calling someone else in the group an ass. I had no idea what was going on, but there were promises not to tell anyone. I had no one of interest to tell. There was talk of ordering pizza, but I wasn't at all hungry at the time, so I didn't participate in this conversation. Whether this was because I had a big breakfast or because some of my breakfast had already made its way back out is unknown.

Eventually I made my way back to the living room, where things were starting to happen again. David was sitting in an armchair and drinking a beer. He made a joking comment about none of the ladies drinking beers in armchairs. Of course, I had to refute this. I squeezed into the armchair next to him, grabbed his beer, and took a sip. "This is way less comfortable," he said. I agreed, but the point was about sitting in armchairs. If I had sat in his lap he would have said that I wasn't sitting in an armchair. He told me to get my own and handed me his bottle opener off his keychain. I got the beer, opened it after a bit of a struggle, and returned with both.

David, Meaghan, Jordan, and I went to Earthfare on a salad run a bit later. We had passed the Earthfare on the way to the campsite, and I noted that this was the second Earthfare that I had ever seen, the first being near where I live. We grabbed spinach, carrots, and a cucumber for a salad, but couldn't find the wine Erin had asked for. The pizza for the others arrived at some point. A couple of the guys were making pizza sandwiches, bologna sandwiches with pizza slices for bread. Yeah, I've got nothing. David and I made salads and sat down with the others. The pizza sandwiches led to a discussion on disgusting foods and things the pizza sandwich consumers have eaten. One of them ate an entire cheesecake once. Ow.

At some point later David and a couple of the other guys decided that more beer was necessary, so they headed out on a beer run. "You can tell who the loud ones here were," someone else said after they left. It was true; the loud ones had left, and it was suddenly much quieter.

This was a good time to take a shower since I needed one and no one else was clamoring for it. I gathered my stuff for the shower, and someone (one of the girls--Erin, maybe?) asked how David and I knew each other. I should have come up with a fake story, and when I told him this later, we decided on a good fake story involving my falling off a calf at the county fair and his writing a story for the newspaper about it. But I was about to take a shower, so I told them the real version. Erin commented on his deep voice and his very musical nature. I said that yes, he's very musical, and it was a good thing we had similar musical tastes and that he was a good singer because we had a long drive up there. And besides, we were both artsy and sciency and the same flavor of nerd, so we got along well. And then I went to shower.

David and the guys returned with alcohol by the time I got out of the shower. More conversation happened, and at some point Erin's laptop came out into the living room and we found ourselves watching Epic Meal Time clips on Youtube. This was followed by electronic music videos, which led to putting on the strobe light and listening to the music. Jordan got out a couple of socks with batteries in them and started swinging them around. It was so weird; one second they'd be swinging upward and the next they'd be swinging downward after a split second of darkness.

People started to leave for Erin's room; the news later was that there was a snuggle party going on there, and the snuggle party on the bed was one mass. Gradually people left the music party for the snuggle party, and David and I were the last holdouts. He invited me to get another beer after inviting me to try what he was having, then said, "Oh wait, I forgot. You don't like good beers." This was a reference to my disliking really bitter beers. Now that he said this, I had to try what he was having. He was right. Bleh. But I did grab a beer that he said I probably wouldn't hate, and he had to open it for me because the strobe light was messing with my perception. He put on different music, and we sang along for awhile with the strobe light still on before eventually joining the snuggle party. No, not everyone was on the bed, but three or four people were, and all ten of us were now in Erin's room.

And this is where I stop. More tomorrow.
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