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The camping trip, part seven

Finally we've arrived at Sunday morning. Sleepyhead me got up, got dressed, and washed up as soon as the bathroom was available, and then I organized and packed my stuff. All my wet stuff went in a separate bag. My remaining non-wet items went in my backpack. Then it was time to figure out the sleeping bag, which came out of a teeny tiny bag. David took care of this the previous times, so the most efficient way to do this was still a mystery to me. I tried rolling it and folding it until David told me the best way was to stuff it in there; he had tried every way and found that stuffing it in there was the best way. I was skeptical at first. Surely there had to be a better way. Maybe there was a way to prove the best way to insert the sleeping bag into the bag. But I tried stuffing it, and sure enough, it started to make its way into the bag.

Well, the first part made its way in there. While I stuffed the sleeping bag in the bag, others made their way in the common area. Eventually a significant chunk of the sleeping bag was sticking out, and it was time for me to stand up and apply more force. I carried the bag over to the table where David and Michael were sitting. Erin offered us Pop-tarts. All of us took some, though I saved mine for after the sleeping bag incident. David kept telling me he could finish it for me, but I insisted on doing it myself. I started it, and I was going to finish it. I did finally let him finish it because there was just a little bit sticking out and he could apply more force than I could. I took a sip of his coffee (not bad for coffee) and made some tea to go with my Pop-tarts. Jordan sat down with us and we ate and talked. Things that came up include stopping a beat, saying "awkward", and continuing. Jordan said he was goin to make a song with that in it. David decided he was going to start a beat during future awkward moments. Nice awkwardness diffuser. There was also a long discussion on zombies and for some reason, guns that shot black holes.

Jordan and David discussed going hiking before we left, even though it was really cold out. At least it wasn't raining yet. I ate some eggs in addition to the Pop-tars that I had already eaten. David threw some things in the dryer and used my plate to eat some eggs while I brushed my hair into something manageable. Then we loaded our stuff and discovered that sleet had started to fall and that it was far too cold to go on a proper hike. The three of us decided to just drive around the Blue Ridge Parkway instead of hike it. It'd be hiking for cold people!

So off we went. The first thing we noticed was a sign warning us not to go on the parkway when there was fog, sleet, or snow. Oh well. We drove on anyway. We passed only one other car in our adventures in exploring the parkway, driving up little-taken roads and admiring the views.

Then it started to snow. Those who know me know that snow turns me into a gleeful little kid, and I don't hide it well. The sleet turned into snow spit, and we thought the snow spit would stay in spit form, but then it started to stick, and it turned the surroundings into snowy goodness. We were now away from the parkway, but we found our way back by a road we dubbed Spaghetti Road, and we headed back to Jordan's place.

The others had already left; they also had a long drive to get back to their places, though not quite as long as the one ahead of us. I had also left my bag in Jordan's apartment, so I went inside to get that. David ate the rest of the salad from the night before, and I munched on some of the carrots dipped in his salad dressing.

We headed out after that. It was still snowing, and the snow stayed on the ground for the first half of our trip back. The snowflakes turned into clusterflakes, and I somehow turned this term into clusterflucks. Lots of singalongs happened with his music on shuffle. We passed a lot of gorgeous scenery made even prettier by the snow. We also passed a lot of familiar sights on the way back.

A couple of hours into the trip we passed a couple of hole in the wall restaurants and stopped at one of them to eat, a place called Shirley's. We went in and took a table for two next to a wall with a couple of paintings of a farm in the spring and fall. We compared these pictures while waiting for our food.

He finally got his biscuits. We passed a breakfast place on the way to the park and started discussing the merits of biscuits and their deliciousness and how no one can dislike biscuits. (If they do, they're either not born yet or wrong. Just plain wrong.) The potato soup and biscuits and cornbread came with the meal, but he had pineapple casserole and macaroni and cheese with roast beef while I had macaroni and cheese and fried apples with fried chicken. I'm such a healthy eater. We sampled each other's fruits and nommed and talked. He didn't take out his phone once.

A guy came up to us while we were eating and asked us how we were enjoying the snow. I told him we'd been on the road. He asked us where we were headed, and we told him. This was right as we were entering Tennessee, so we still had a long way to go. He was a regular customer who lived in the area, it turned out.

Another interesting note about the restaurant: Apparently they're open only three days a week. According to the menu they're open for a total of twelve hours spread out over three days a week. Interesting. They must do pretty good business when they are open. It wasn't too crowded when we were there, but it was also toward the end of their open hours.

David went to the bathroom and looked through the gift shop while I finished eating (lots of Jesus stuff, he told me). I got a box for the rest of my chicken and the biscuit and went to the bathroom, and we were ready to hit the road.

The rest of the trip back featured more singalongs and discussion on things we wanted in a house, starting when I said I wanted a ball pit and a bookshelf door in my house.

The car got low on gas eventually, as cars tend to do on long trips. JoCo's "When You Go" was playing just before we pulled into a gas station, and this made me think of relationships, both past and... well, if there was anything to the present. I'm not sure what was going through my mind, but the song was still playing when we arrived at the gas station. David pumped some gas and we sang through the end of the song and went inside the gas station. I held back the tears until he was out of sight. (See, I'm not a robot, contrary to the belief of certain people. Robots don't cry.) I didn't turn into that much of a hosepipe, but the tears definitely existed. At least they were dry by the time he got back with two Yoohoos in hand. He handed me one while the next song teased me with its sadness (The Decemberists' "Grace Cathedral Hill"). The gas finished pumping, and off we went.

The rest of the trip back was mostly uneventful. I got a little sad when we passed the sign for the park we stayed at last time, for that meant our adventure was coming to a close, and who knew how long it'd be?

I couldn't disappear too quickly, though. I still had a glove to find, and my search began when we arrived at my house. My gloves had gone into the bag of wet things when we packed up the stuff from the campsite, and they were right under Jordan's towel. Jordan got his towel back, meaning my gloves should be the first thing in the bag. In theory. One glove was still there, but I tore the rest of the van apart in search of the glove. Nothing. David found the chicken and biscuit I brought from the restaurant. "At first I was afraid I had forgotten that," I said.

"I was afraid too," he replied. "Then I was petrified." And then we went into "I Will Survive" and he put on Cake's cover of the song. And I still didn't find the glove. He said he'd hold on to the glove and give it to me next time he saw me. This has a Cinderella vibe to it for some reason. We hugged (one-armed since my arms were full of stuff) and he said, "Some other time" after I said, "Thanks for the weekend."

And that was the trip.

Oh! David and I were singing "Skullcrusher Mountain" at some point, and Jordan commented on how romantic it sounded. David said that "Soft Rocked by Me" was much more romantic, and we sang that. Welcome to the world of love songs.

He found the glove on Tuesday, by the way. He asked when I was going to come to Atlanta to get it. :P
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